Molly’s Nursery

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IMG_2680IMG_2694I had so much fun putting Molly’s nursery together. I procrastinated like crazy, but I got it done with a little over a month to spare! Most everything in the room was DIY’d and thrifted. I scored the vintage chalkboard for $5 and the classic Jenny Lind style crib for $40. I painted it blue. The frames and clipboards are also from thrift or antique stores. The four prints on the chalkboard were purchased for $5 from Ivie Baby shop on Etsy. They were buy one get one free downloads and I printed them off onto cardstock. The other prints were free downloads found on Pinterest or things I already had around the house. The red, pink, and blue floral prints were cut from a Rifle Paper Company poster I purchased for $4.50 at a shop in Atlanta. DSC_0010Jeremy made the changing  table and stained it to look rustic. We still need to add hardware. (Story of our lives..) The laundry basket came from Wal-Mart for $12.99 I believe. The red gingham tray is vintage as well as the flash cards that are attached to it. Amanda Wells hand painted the wooden sign in the middle. I’m using an old milk crate given to me by an aunt to store the diapers in. mollyswaddleI love the muslin crib sheet from Little Unicorn. It’s called Watercolor Rose. IMG_2696Molly yawnIMG_2693I purchased the pink and red gingham rug from It was one of the only things I spent much money on just because I wanted that pop of red gingham to give it that vintage vibe. Daddy bought the rocking chair for mama when I was born. I painted it since it was an outdated shiny stain. The quilt hanging on the side was made from mama’s shirts by my sister-in-law April. It’s very special to have that part of her in the nursery. Molly’s middle name is Joyce, after my mother, and she was also born on my mother’s birthday! I bought the vintage wardrobe for $25 probably 8 years ago. It was in my bedroom before I got married and is one of the first thrifted pieces I ever purchased. I still love it! The vintage pink basin on top was a gift from my sister from the County Living Fair a few years ago. The other pink storage bin is actually an old refrigerator drawer that was given to me by a fellow thrift lover. IMG_2691Lovely little dresses. IMG_2690Her makeshift closet!IMG_2682The basket is from Hobby Lobby. I got it half price for $35. I love using it for all of her blankets. The cream crocheted one near the bottom was mine. IMG_2681

The teddy bear was Jeremy’s most loved toy as a toddler, and it’s obvious from the wear and tear! The dresses were mine as a baby. Mama or my Granny Day made the first one. I wore it home from the hospital and so did Molly. I’ve got my hospital bracelet in the mason jar along with the crocheted booties I wore. I’m so glad mama was sentimental and kept so many of my things! I hope you enjoyed hearing what all went into my sweet little girl’s room! I hope she loves being in it as much as I do.




Young Living Essential Oils 101

Healthy Living

I had a good turnout at my oils class last night, but want to share some info with those of you that wanted to come but couldn’t make it! Even for those that came, there’s no way everyone’s questions were answered. There’s so many oils that have multiple uses and many of them can be used for the same issue. I think the biggest thing with essential oils is you have to first believe in the power of natural medicine and your ability to take control of your own health. Not to mention that essential oils were given to Jesus at his birth. That HAS to speak something of their worth.

Exploring Historic Savannah, Ga

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green truck

Back in July, we made a little two-day trip to Savannah to try out some places I’d found. We got there around lunch time, so our first stop was this little joint called the Green Truck Pub. It claims to have the best burgers in Savannah, and they were some really good burgers. I like going to places like this that tell you what local farm the beef, cheese, and other ingredients came from. Everything tasted so freshly made. We’ve already made a trip back there in October! Must go place for burgers if you’re in the area.

Life After Surgery

Everyday Life

Sooooo it’s been a while since I’ve made an update. I apologize to any of you that have been checking my blog for one! It’s been 5 1/2 weeks since the surgery date and 4 1/2 since I got out of that wretched hospital. Jeremy and I ended up spending almost two weeks and what felt like an eternity in Jacksonville, FL. My surgery was originally scheduled for Thursday September, 17 so we had to be there that Tuesday for pre-op appointments. We decided to stay overnight, since we would have to drive back the next day if not. Then after they doped me all up for two hours in the pre-op area, they told me they surgery had been delayed due to the equipment not working properly. Of all things to happen the morning of your surgery, you don’t expect to be told you’ve gotta come back in a few days and do all of this over again. That included bowel prep and a liquid fast for two days that week. By the end of that week, I thought I would puke if I had to survive off of any more broth!

And we got the ball rolling…

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So we made our first trip down to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL yesterday. Jeremy couldn’t help his literal humor problem by making comments like “We got our mayo turned into mayonnaise.” and “This is where they turn regular mayo into Miracle Whip.” throughout the day….Yes, you can feel sorry for me, but I do love his retarded self. It was a huge facility. It was sad to see so many other people in the same situation. I am very lucky to have gotten my appointment fit into the surgeon’s schedule within an hour of the MRI and have the results of the scan so soon. 

Health Update

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First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you that have breathed even the smallest prayer on my behalf in the last few weeks. I cannot express how grateful I am for the support of God’s people……I feel like I need to start from the beginning so you can see what a very eventful summer I have had! But before that even….I need to go back to a little over a year ago when I first started noticing blood in my stool. It was only every few weeks or maybe even months, so it wasn’t something that had me overly concerned. I just figured it was something minor, and I knew I didn’t have the money to get it seen about anyway since we didn’t have insurance. 

Kristi’s Dress Shopping Day 

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 With only one month and three days to the BIG DAY, we headed off to Atlanta for the long awaited day of wedding dress shopping for Kristi Dawnita. I’m giving Aunt Denise her own special spot in this post. She caused us much distress with her driving a few times during the day! I will just call the incidents “memorable” and leave it at that. Lol…..Kristi really didn’t think she would find a dress she liked on her, so our main goal was to go to a high quality fabric store she’d heard about.  She hadn’t made any appointments to try on dresses or looked up any dress shops for us to stop at, because she

Natural Skincare: LUSH Review

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I have always, always, always been a skin and hair product junkie. I’m also drawn to the ones that claim to be “organic”, as much as that’s even possible. I have sensitive skin so I can’t use a lot of products out there without them making me red, breaking me out, or making my skin dry and flaky. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect cleanser and lotion. I’ve learned over the years which ingredients my skin reacts badly to. LUSH stuck out to me because of their natural ingredients and products that are so different from anything else on the market.(And their store looked cool!)